World Renewable Energy Congress XI & Exhibition (25 – 30 September 2010, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates)

With the accelerated approach of the global climate-change point-of-no-return the need to address the pivotal role of renewable energy in the formation of coping strategies, rather than prevention, is more crucial than ever. Sustainability, green buildings, and the development of the large-scale renewable energy industry must be at the top of all development, economic, financial and political agendas. The time for action has arrived. Prevention and questioning how and why we face this great challenge is a luxury we can no longer indulge. We welcome the establishment of the long overdue International Renewable Energy Agency which we hope will work side-by-side with similar intergovernmental agencies striving for the adoption of renewable energies.

Among the Congress Sponsors are:
National Energy and Water Research Center NEWRC, UAE (Platinum Sponsor)
Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority, UAE
Elsevier Science Ltd, the Netherlands
European Commission, Brussels
ISESCO, Morocco
National Renewable Energy Laboratory NREL, USA
Professional Engineering Publishing, UK