Wind power for the home

There are a great many benefits to installing a home wind turbine. Perhaps most obvious is the fact that you are helping the environment by not using any conventional electricity, which is produced in manners that damage the planet. Because wind turbines generate power solely from wind, you are harnessing a powerful, renewable energy source that is never going to run out. You will be saving the planet in another way too. Wind turbines significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions, which helps to slow down global warming. Even a low power home system can save up to 2 tonnes of carbon dioxide! With a wind turbine you will never again be hit by increases in electricity prices, because wind is free! You can even sell some of the energy that your turbine produces back to power companies, so you are actually earning money as well as just saving it!

There is no need to worry about what happens when there is no wind. Most turbines are connected to the main power grid so you can still get electricity from there if you need it on a calm day. Turbines are designed to be long-lasting pieces of equipment and therefore have low maintenance costs and do not need to be regularly replaced. Many turbines are built to last for more than 20 years. Another benefit of this is the fact that you are making a long-term addition to your home. If you decide to move out years after first installing the turbine, the value of your home can be increased because of the “green” credentials the turbine gives the property. Finally, the government will usually pay you a grant to help out with the installation fees for your new turbine, so you don’t even have to worry about the initial investment. Just sit back and watch your savings!

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