Why don’t spanish homes use solar photovoltaics: green energy disaster on the Med

On a recent trip to the east coast of Spain in one of the more touristy regions, I conducted some simple research to find sizes and types of solar installation. Of course Spain has a great deal of sun and on the coast just under 100km from Benidorm offers an outdoor living experience for people from the UK,.Germany and Russia.

The results of the research showed that very very few first or second home owners has solar installations, either Photovoltaics or water heating. In fact I barely spotted a single Solar Panel on a private home nestling on roofs. There are commercial installations on roof tops but PV panels have not reached the consumer masses.

For a region with wealth coming from overseas nations with many having Spain as a second home, it would make sense to employ solar panels to generate power. There would be capital outlay but like any investment in solar could be recouped intime. Could it be possible theft of panels that prevents people from going green in Spain. I asked several people why they had not installed solar and they simply had not thought about it.

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