Top 8 Tips for Saving Energy at Home

One way to increase the money you have on hand is by saving more money on your energy bills. Imagine if you could cut a significant portion of your monthly electricity bill, it would be like getting a pay raise as you have more cash on hand. However, saving energy does require a bit of an investment at first. But this is the type of green deal investment that can pay off for you in the long run.

What follows are eight simple tips to make your home more energy efficient and put more money into your pocket. While some of these tips will require you to invest some amount of money, others are quite cheap and even free.

Nightly Energy Check: Go around your home at night before heading off to bed and see what is left turned on. You may be surprised at the number of devices that are still left on at night that can eat away at your energy bill. For example, computers are still drawing in power even when they are shut off. So, shutting off the surge protector feeding the computer can save a little on your electric bill and every little bit helps.

Water Meter: Set your water meter for 120F degrees. All too often, water heaters are set too high which can drain your electric bill. By reducing it to 120F, you will still have plenty of hot water while significantly reducing your costs.

White Roof: If your location has somewhat mild winters, but very hot summers than painting your roof white is an old trick that can significantly help reduce your electricity bill over the summer months.


LEDs: The light emitting diode is fast replacing traditional incandescent bulbs for a number of reasons, but the main one is that they use but a fraction of the electricity. If you still have incandescent bulbs around your home, replace them with LEDs.

Insulation: Increasing the insulation on your home can save you a considerable amount of money during the heat of summer and the cold of winter. Check the insulation that is in your attic and wall space to see if you need more. Adding even 1 inch of additional insulation can save you a considerable amount of money over the long run.

Filter Change: One of the simplest, but most overlooked ways to decrease your electricity bill is keeping a fresh filter in your central air conditioning unit. By replacing your filter when needed, your air conditioner does not have to work as hard and is subject to fewer breakdowns which can also help save you money as well.

Smart Meter: This is a somewhat more expensive option, but having a smart meter can significantly reduce your electric bills. Smart meters replace traditional thermostats and can save you money when the house is unoccupied.

Solar Panels: Certainly one of the neatest ways to curb your electric bill is by installing solar panels. The use of solar energy can help reduce your overall power consumption and can even be used as a emergency power source. Solar photovoltaics are now more advanced than ever, providing more energy than before which means that the size of the solar panels have been reduced while producing the same amount of energy.

These are just 8 tips to saving energy for your home. The more you employ the more money you will save on your electric bill.