Top 5 reasons to install solar panels in the UK

For those who are considering ways of reducing their electric bills, installing solar panels certainly has its advantages. Although solar panels have been around for decades, recent advances have allowed them to be more affordable and effective for home use.

There are many people who remain unconvinced that solar panels are worth installing. The instillation costs, potential maintenance and uncertain future of electricity bills have kept many people on the sidelines when it comes to solar power. Such information is often outdated or misinterpreted as advancing technology has made solar panels cheaper and easier to install.

However, there are five good reasons why you should consider installing solar panels to your home. Thanks to advancing technology, many of the issues with solar panels in the past are not longer true today.

1. Lower Energy Bills

First and foremost, you can lower your electricity bills when using solar power. A typical 1.8kW solar panel system can provide the average household with over 45% of their demand for energy over a year. That means your home pulls on average only 55% of the electricity it would normally need, greatly reducing your energy bill.

2. Protect Against Rise in Energy Prices

All of us have seen fluctuations in electricity bills over the year, but for the most part the price keeps increasing year after year. By installing solar panels, you can greatly reduce your energy bill and have a constant source of energy that does not go up in price. You will keep getting electricity at a steady rate from your solar panels long after they have been purchased.

3. Add Value to Your Home

Homes that have solar panel actually increase the value of your home. The reason is that potential buyers understand that having solar panels will actually make their purchase more valuable. For those who are considering selling their home, an investment in solar panels can help increase the overall value of your property.

4. Reliability

Solar panels are tough, durable and long lasting. Because there are no moving parts, solar panels need very little maintenance over their lifetime. All that is really needed is to clean them occasionally and remove any debris that might be obstructing the light coming to the panels.

5. Reduce Carbon Footprint

energybulbFor those who are environmentally conscious, solar panels are a wonderful investment. They offer a way for every household to reduce their carbon footprint and help the environment as well. Solar panels do not produce any harmful emissions, they do not damage the environment and they will provide clean power for a very long time with minimal maintenance.

For those who are looking at an effective way of reducing your electricity bills, helping the environment and increasing value to your home, solar panels are a proven answer. In addition, there are discounts and tax breaks that may apply when you install solar panels to your home. Solar panels are more than just a solution from the past. They provide a future of savings over the lifetime of your home.