The Green Deal: What is the big deal?

green_dealIn the UK, there is a scheme which its purpose is to assist the homeowners to make their homes “greener”. Maybe some of you have heard of it, some of you have not heard of it. It is called the “Green Deal”. This deal is a UK government scheme to help the homeowners to either save energies by cutting down the use of heating because the use of heating do create CO2 emissions , or to install green technologies such as solar panels.

So, what is the big deal?

It is a big deal, which our environment matters. The good thing about the environment today is that the harmful air pollution such as the big smog in London during the 1950s is almost non-existence due to the reduction of the use of coal. Also, the banning of the use of CFCs has saved the Ozone Layer, which its purpose is to protect the earth surface from being exposed to the sun’s direct heat.

Now, the biggest threat to the environment is climate change. The United Nations’ Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has unanimously agreed that the human’s excessive use of fossil fuels. It is undeniable that the extraction of fossil fuels from the bottom of the ground is “cost-effective” than green energy such as hydroelectricity, solar, wind, and tide etc.

However, the cost to the environment is huge. The messy climate pattern throughout the past decade is directly linked to the excessive use of fossil fuels, which has been used extensively in our homes, vehicles, our working places etc. There are already green technologies for vehicles, but the ones for living spaces are not quite that well known. In which case, it is a very big deal for the British homeowners to be aware of the government scheme.

After all, we only have one planet to live in. Don’t abuse it, cherish it.

By Sam Huang