Sunday Times: be careful of solar installers

There are plenty of companies out there offering free solar photovoltaic installation in return for a share of the surplus electricity generated sent back into the grid. The Sunday Times warns you to be careful as one customer has lost most of his sizeable deposit of 2500 pounds which is wrappered as a survey fee. The suggestion is that its all gone a bit like Double Glazing Windows Installers with high pressure sales tactics and rogue traders. The suggestion is that over a 25 year lifetime you are better off taking a loan and keeping all the money yourself.

Look at out directory or search on Google, there are numerous companies which will survey install and service your panels and what’s more they will not charge you for an initial consultation.

So think twice before you decide for what might seem the easy green option that might come back to haunt you for over 25 years. Please be careful and look for reputable dealers and installers. We would like to hear your stories, so if you have any good or bad experiences pls do get in touch!

The article was published on the 10/10/10 in the Sunday Times.

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