Self sufficiency…or towards it with solar

Consider how you would feel if you didn’t get nasty electricity and gas bills everymonth and you knew you were helping the planet at the same time. This wonder product is solar power and I’m sounding like an adman from the 1960s. However just looking at the economics of installing solar one can see immediate benefits of generating some of your own power. Don’t take my word for it. There are many reputable installers out there who will help you work out for your property and location how much power you #CAN# actually generate and thus how long your payback will be.

We have a quotation system here that pairs you with local installers who will provide you with a no obligation quote for solar panels. You can make your choice safe in the knowledge of what the economics are. On the whole we think you’ll agree that with the current feed in tariffs you find it appealing.

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