at ecobuild searching for innovation in solar energy

IMG_20130305_125257Yesterday we popped along to London’s Excel centre where we saw an amazing array of green technologies, right the way through from waterproof MDF to the latest solar innovations. As you’d expect we were mainly interested in solar energy and the PV systems on offer and what a treat that was.

Massive solar turnout at Ecobuild 2013

It was great to see so many companies in attendance. Those companies offered just about everything from solar inverter’s to systems to help monitor and track the effectiveness of your solar install project (Tigo). In person were a range of companies offering panels, from companies (and regions) such as Canadian Solar who are promoting their panels which are built in Germany and Canada, who also very kindly gave me some maple syrup for my breakfast. Other companies were there to increase the sales presence of their manufactured solar panels.  , such as RenneSolar and a myriad of others.

What was missing from Ecobuild 2013

One drawback I found was the lack of innovative new technology. Companies such as FirstSolar were simply not presenting showing off the latest in panel technology. There simply was not enough emphasis on panel efficiency and making the best of the technology. It all seemed rather poor from an technology point of view, treating the panels as commodities. There was some cool technology from companies such as Tigo who had ways to turn dumb Photovoltaic (PV) panels into smart modules such that you or in fact anyone can track the actual effectiveness of each and every panel in your entire install.

Please for 2014 can we attract some more innovators rather than just more manufacturers all doing the same thing, just a little bit cheaper. Lets have more disruptive designs and technologies rather than the same-old same old.

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