New storage technology for solar power? Ambri attempt to revolutionize energy storage

AmbriBatteryNew technology from Ambri could be answer to storage of energy from solar and wind, which generally has issues of being able to be plumbed into the grid meaning that sometimes in the wind energy case energy cannot be harvested as it cannot be utilized by the grid. Having storage technologies would help remove this energy waste and help the efficiency of both solar and wind energy. Imagine being able to store energy from solar generated during the day and utilize this at night night – for example for lighting? At present there are few batteries that can cope with the high energy density requirements and the heavy loads and that is where Ambri a start-up company from MIT comes in.

A new battery from MIT: revolutionize solar energy storage

Ambri’s batteries are liquid. And fully liquid, that’s perhaps the biggest departure from the standard battery cells we are used to seeing around today in use. Ambri’s technology is different from any other conventional battery. When heated above 500 °C, the disks and powder inside (electrodes and electrolyte), melts. The battery looks like a container shaped like a large round cake pan, 16 inches in diameter. Two metal pucks are inside and some salt powder; a round plate has been welded to the top to make an approximately 100-pound battery cell. These large cells can be strung together to build a huge battery.

Massive energy densities from novel liquid battery

The key is that because the cell is liquid, the cell lifetime is enhanced. Plus being liquid means that the energy density is greatly enhanced.

Yes these cell are massive and never designed to be portable, so the idea is that these can help soak up power that cannot be currently utilized at the point of source. So imagine these as buffering the power output from a solar array and one idea is to put these in a shipping container.

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