Nest: the thermostat revolution that you probably haven’t heard of

nest_thermostatAh the humble thermostat. All this talk of generating green energy is pointless if the usage of that energy lets you down! That so called humble thermostat is letting you down, wasting your energy and has been long overdue for innovation. Back in 2007 Tony Fadell believed he could see the future and he tried to revolutionize that humble thermostat. However Fadell was no tinkerer, he was an Apple Executive who had created the ubiquitous and famously well designed and engineered Apple ipod.

Build your own: the inspiration for Nest

When trying to build his own home, Fadell balked at paying $500 for a thermostat for his dream eco home on Lake Tahoe, so he in the engineering spirit decided to build his own. Fadell’s experience at Apple has told him, the device needed to be smart and hence needed to perform such functions as learn the behaviour of the occupants and users and switch on and off if people went in or out and thought it would really smart if he could hook up the device to a computer.

How Nest works with you: its user

The designers of Nest have made sure that at every stag operating a Nest thermostat, you find that potential problems have been solved for you in an intuitive way. Even the way you attach it to the wall is smart – allowing from screws located in a smart location to ensure that it can attach to dry wall in a smart manner.

Nest is being closely examined by researchers and investors who believe it may lead a new stream of technologies that can significantly reduce power consumption in homes. So make sure if you are going for a green solution such as solar and/or wind that you follow up on that green promise and install some smart devices such as Nest to help manage that lovely green energy you produce.

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