Industry feed-in tariffs are cut

Medium and large scale solar installations over 50kW are to suffer from cutbacks in the solar feed-in tariff. The industry has reacted badly to this news which puts in jeopardy many of the proposed small scale community projects. Andrew Lee, Head of International Sales at Sharp Solar, Europe’s biggest solar manufacturer, which based in the UK, said, “We are disappointed at the government’s decision to go ahead with the proposed changes to the feed-in-tariff. During these difficult economic times [the] announcement risks stifling job creation in an industry which has the potential to flourish in the UK.”

The European Photovoltaic Industry Association claimed solar photovoltaics are on the path to competitiveness with other energy sources such as Nuclear or Fossil fuels. Photovoltaic competitiveness could be achieved across the European Union by 2020 in all market segments. The Association suggests that as photovoltaics get more competitive and increasingly prevalent, it is becoming more attractive to investors.

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