How to Buy Solar Panels

Thanks to advancing technology and new materials, solar power has now become a very legitimate way to help reduce energy bills in the home. Because of new government incentives and programs which make it very attractive to purchase solar panels, there is now a greater urgency than ever to put solar panels onto every roof in the UK.

For those who are considering purchasing solar panels, there are a number of things to keep in mind before making your purchase.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

The prices for solar panels vary depending on the size and type of system that is being considered. There are also other considerations as well, most importantly that your roof has a slope facing in a southern direction, otherwise the cost for mounting the solar panels may be considerably more.

On average, a solar panel system that ranges between 3.5kW and 4kW will cost roughly £7,000, give or take any additional expenses. The good news is that the energy savings will be noticeable from the first month the system is in place. However, the bigger the overall system, the more expensive it will be to install.

One advantage is that for generating electricity, you will actually get paid under the “Feed In Tariff” program. There are guidelines to exactly how much is paid under this program and how homeowners can earn cash by generating their own electricity.

So the key here is installation costs vs. electricity savings and Feed In Tariff payments which should be calculated to see at what point the cost advantages actually pay for the installation at which point you will actually start seeing real savings.

Finding the Right Solar Panel Company

solar_installerWhile most solar panel businesses are legitimate and offer a good product, there are some that do not fully inform the consumer. This means that you will need to ask questions and be on the lookout for any shady deals which might rob you of more money than you save.

Ask About All Costs: There are more costs to having solar panels than just the installation. While maintenance is usually not an issue, the inverter of a solar panel will often need to be replaced within a 20 year time frame.

Professional Survey: Final estimates should be given after your property has been surveyed. In fact, you should not get a final price at all until your property has been thoroughly checked by a professional surveyor.

Energy Usage: A proper solar panel company will ask about your energy usage and lifestyle. This is important because the most beneficial aspects of solar power happen during the day. If you are not there all day, then solar power really isn’t for you.

Verify the Calculations: You should get the raw numbers from the solar panel company, compare them to your average electricity bill and verify if their estimates on when the solar panels pay for themselves is reasonably accurate. It may be off by a year, but it shouldn’t be much more than that.

If you have done your homework, verified the solar panel business through references and checked their estimates, then you can best choose the right solar panels for your needs.