How much can UK homeowners typically save by installing solar electricity?

For UK home-owners who are looking for ways to save on their electricity bill, solar power is becoming one of the more popular methods. Solar power has actually been in use for decades, but thanks to advancing technology it has become more practical and less expensive.

However, solar panels do come with expenses, fees and must be properly maintained in order to get the most power out of them.

How Much Energy do Solar Panels Create?

Although every solar panel system has its differences, all of them do fall within some general guidelines of the power that they will produce. The size of solar panels for domestic systems generally ranges from 1 to 5 kilowatts.

  • 1kW Solar Panel System = 850kW units per year
  • 2kW Solar Panel System = 1,700kW units per year
  • 5kW Solar Panel System = 4,500kW units per year


According to the Energy Saving Trust, a standard three bedroom home will use roughly 3,000kW units each year. Theoretically, a 5kW solar panel system would more than cover the energy needs of the home. However, there are other factors that play into how much energy solar panels generate and what kind of savings you can expect.

Size: A 1kW solar panel system requires two panels while a 3.5kW solar panel system requires roughly 12 panels. Your residence will need required space to handle all the panels.

Position: The direction and angle of the roof are important to produce optimum performance. Preferably, your roof needs a 35 degree angle facing south without any shading for maximum results. Any shade, variation of degrees or direction away from south will lower the amount of solar energy collected.

Maintenance: The solar panels will have to be clean and properly maintained. This is actually not much of an expense since solar panels are generally easy to keep clean and pristine. You will need to check for dirt or debris buildup from time to time.

How to Save More Money on Solar Power

There are a number of ways you can save even more money using solar panels. This will take a little research, but the results can be well worth the effort.

Shop Around: Look for the best energy provider to get the best rates for your energy needs. By taking the extra step of looking over each provider, including any extras that they may offer, can provide you with significant savings over time.

Energy-Saving Items: Switching to more energy efficient items, such as LED lights, kitchen appliances and other similar items. You can also practice more energy savings at home by adjusting the thermostat, shutting off unneeded items and so forth.

Find Free Items: Many larger solar panels companies will provide additional insulation or other energy saving features. If you need more insulation or a new boiler, this may be added to your savings as well.

Combining solar panels with reducing energy consumption, you can save a considerable amount of money over time. Your savings will depend on a thorough evaluation of your home, the energy you use and the effect that solar panels will have on providing new energy.