How do solar cells work?

Rather than me explain and rewrite the book. I decided to publish a great list of helpful tutorials and videos on the subject of how solar cells work. These are quite informative and help explain and de-mystify how the the process of a current is generated from a solar cell. I personally love solar cells because they have no moving parts – its a great technology that unlike your car does not tend to wear out in the same way because there are no moving parts at all. That said solar cells do have a lifetime as with any product – however installing solar cells are a pretty passive affair.

We have all played with solar cells at school. Many of us had small solar cells in your calculators and perhaps thought nothing of it. But now this technology has the power to transform our lives. PV cells have been with us a long time but we stand on the cusp of a great technological revolution where we could see the implementation of these technologies in a range of products and applications.

How do solar cells work? – A great review from How Stuff Works A General Electric Overview of solar cells Contains just about anything anyone would need to know about photovoltaics

Videos on how photovoltaic cells work

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