Homeowners feeling the squeeze look to alternatives : solar power

Home owners are feeling the pinch right now, with record low interest rates and little incentive to save. Solar photovoltaic systems look to generate a welcome return for home-owners if they invest their capital in solar photovoltaics.

The returns on offer from solar can easily outstrip most returns from bank accounts and shares and solar systems will eventually fully pay for themselves leaving nothing my earning potential for the householder. The generous government Feed In Tariff means that solar is viable for a good proportion of homes, immediately saving money on utility bills as well as doing something for the environment.

If you are considering a solar system, make sure you get as many quotes as possible. Use a service such as http://www.quotesmart.co.uk, to obtain a number of FREE quotes and make sure that you see the cost break down and how long payback will be along with expected returns from the installed system.

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