Benefits of Installing Solar Panels on your Roof

Solar panels are more than just the latest fad. They are a proven means of producing energy and reducing electrical bills for your home. Today, more home-owners that ever are placing solar panels on their roofs to catch the free rays of the sun and saving money at the same time.

There are certainly many benefits to installing solar panels on your roof. For home-owners who are looking at adding more value to their property, having a source of free energy and overcoming the unexpected rises in their electricity bills, solar panels offer a safe, permanent answer.

What follows are some of the many benefits that solar panels bring to you and your family when installed on your roof. Understanding all the advantages can help you make the best informed decision when considering solar panels for you home.

Reduced Electricity Bills

solarpanelsThe most obvious reason why most people have solar panels installed on their roof, thanks to new tax breaks, incentives and discounts, installing solar panels is now easier than ever. Even a modest solar panel system can save you up to 45% or more on your monthly electricity bill. For home-owners, cutting their monthly electricity bill in half can do wonders for their household budgets.

Low Maintenance

Once mounted on the roof, solar panels need very little maintenance to stay operational. One advantage of being on the roof is that they are out of the way of many potential accidents that may occur. They are also rugged and highly resistant to the elements as well. What maintenance must be performed by the homeowner, apart from any real damage that might occur to the panels, is cleaning them occasionally if dirt or debris should build up.

Emergency Energy

One of the more interesting uses of solar power is when electricity is cut off from the home, usually due to bad weather or some type of outage. Those in solar panel homes can still enjoy partial power if their electrical inbox is configured to allow for a refrigerator or other essential electrical appliance to be plugged in. While such emergency power is only good for the daytime hours, it can extend the life of the food inside a refrigerator or be used for fans and other essential electrical devices.

Increased Home Value

One of the more interesting benefits is how adding solar panels increases the value of your property. Real estate agents understand that solar panels offer a very positive benefit to the home that is universal as they cut down on power consumption. This is a more tangible addition than a new room or other structural change that may or may not be of interest to potential buyers. Solar panels can help you sell your home at a higher price.

Overall, the many benefits of having solar panels certainly outweigh the initial costs of installation which is partially offset by tax incentives and other discounts. If you are looking for ways to add value to your home, have an emergency source of energy, reducing your electrical bills all while not having to perform much in the way of maintenance, then solar panels are right for you.