Economics of solar

Any decision should be based on a variety of reasons. But we think that in total there are just three major reaons why you consider photovoltaics for your property.

Three reasons to buy solar:

1. Any decision should be based on hard economics. If the numbers stack up – its a winning combination. With falling PV cell price the time to recover your investment is forever dwindling. Couple this with increasing energy bills, its a very good hedge against current and future energy bills. When making any investment and this includes photovoltaics, make sure you know what the payback term is and the rate of expected return. This way you know you have the right system in place.

2. Its good for the environment Рthere is an energy pay back. You will eventually go energy positive Рwhere you make more energy than was expended in construction of the cells. Its your way of putting something back into the community even in a small way.

3. It could add value to your property. If you can reduce fuel bills Рit makes your home potentially more valuable to future buyers if done in sympathy with the existing structures. Plus РI think they look pretty cool upon any roof top.