10 green things to do at home right now

There are plenty of things you can do at home right now to help save energy and save the planet.

1) Perhaps the most obvious is to make sure you turn off any electrical equipment you are not using. Make sure they are turned off properly, with the switch at the wall socket if necessary. Did you know that if everyone turned off their TVs properly, it would save as much electricity as produced by an entire power station every year!

2) Have a shower! Instead of a bath that is. A bath can use up to 80 litres of water and a shower will use less than half of that.

3) Change your light bulbs. Energy saving bulbs are not expensive and use only a third of the energy of standard bulbs.

4) Wash your clothes by hand. Unless you have some really dirty clothes, washing them by hand will save electricity and water. You could even try washing them in cold water!

5) Make it a habit to turn off the light every time you leave the room, and especially overnight. If you have a child who is scared of the dark, find a low energy night light instead of using a standard lamp.

6) Turn up the temperature of your freezer. If you set the temperature to just below 0, everything will stay frozen and you will use a lot less energy. Eventually you could replace your freezer with an energy efficient model.

7) Recycle your plastic shopping bags. Instead of throwing them away, find a place to store them and take a few with you when you next go shopping. Instead you could take a cloth bag and avoid the need for plastic ones altogether.

8) Build a compost heap. There is no need to throw away a lot of the wasted food leftovers. Have a tub in the kitchen that you can put biodegradable waste into and make a habit of emptying it into the compost heap every night.

9) Plant your own vegetables. This might not seem like it saves energy, but consider the fact that a large amount of fruit and vegetables found in supermarkets has been flown half way across the world to get here.

10) Set up a water butt in the garden to collect rainwater. You can then use this to water your home-grown crops in the summer!

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